The Rules



















Ronin is won by the player who controls Japan.


Players build squads of heroic warriors to storm each other's castles.


Players divide and engulf the territory of their opponents,


Players naturally form clans, led by the craftiest players.



















System Requirements


4.0 for multiplayer [ Netscape Navigator 4.0 or 4.01 only now. Not 4.02 ]
3.0 or better for singleplayer


Java capable.
28.8Kbps connection or better recommended


at least 800x600 resolution recommended
at least 16bit color preferred
sound capability recommended


















Start Up


Ronin is loading right now. It might take 5 Minutes.
(Including at least 90 seconds of "warm-up" after the load is complete.)


If you have a 4.0 browser, you will see the Multiplayer server box.
  1. Change your name from "guest" to something more personal.
  2. Press Connect to Server and a security dialogue appears.
  3. Press Grant a few times to let RONIN to link to other players.
  4. Press Remember this decision to skip steps next time
SinglePlayer If you don't have a 4.0 browser, or you want to play alone::
  1. Just press the Play Alone button.



















Troop Selection Screen

Examine the Ronin (samurai soldiers-of-fortune) available.
Click on a soldier to see his salary, his statistics, his story and his card. Choose the best crew you can afford.
Your Koku (money) is displayed in the upper right.

The men in the Pit are local fighters. To get heroic warriors, you need Ronin cards. If you have a card, enter its code in the Spirit Gate and the hero will materialize. Put this soldier in your army by clicking on him.



















Map Screen

Use this map to deploy your troops and plot your geopolitical strategy..

Your land is yellow. Clansmen are deep yellow. Enemy land is red.[but not quite yet.]
You can move an army only into adjacent territories. You cannot cross someone else's terrritory without fighting. When you move to an enemy's castle, the battle will begin. Only your large Army can attack. Small armies are only for troop transportation.

Currently there is an embarrassingly poor interface on this screen:

To select an ARMY click it.
To look at a Castle click it. This DESELECTS the Army. Ooops!
To move an Army Select it, then immediately right-click the destination
To join a Battle double click it.


















Network Screen

In this screen you manage your Net identity.
You set:

Your Server preference only one nowt.
Your Name  
Your Color not yet.
Your Mon not yet
Your URL not yet


















Battle Screen

Your men are yellow and the enemy is red.
The Attacker's only goal is to kill the Defending Commander
The Defender has only to protect the Commander.
(There is no Attacking Commander.)

When the Commander dies or flees, the castle falls. To the victor go:

  • The castle
  • The men in the castle (defenders who didn't flee)
  • The territory around the castle (control over who can pass.)
  • The income of that territory (koku)



















Giving Orders.
Select a fighter: Click to highlight him.
Pick multiple fighters by dragging
Fighters stay selected until someone else is chosen.
Give your fighter a target with a click.
Either a target location (default order is Go!)
or a target enemy (default order is Kill!)
Use the default order (second click on target)
Or pick an order (including special moves)



















Koku Screen
  Koku is the currency of ancient Japan. This screen shows:

Income. You start with a small family income. Add to this the produce of your territories and the tribute from your vassals. If you are a good fighter with no land (or poor land) you may receive a salary from your Lord.

Expenses: Your fighters want to be paid. And your Lord wants tribute.
















  Navigation Bars allow instant context switching
Monitor your wealth and expenditure.
Select your army from the available candidates
Move troops and develop a geopolitical strategy
Log in and find your place on the Network.


















Armies, etc
Your main army
This is the Army that leads all your attacks.
One of your small armies
These are used to move troops from one squad to another.
Castle under attack
If you are one of the combatants, double click to return to this battle
Your castle
This is a castle you won in battle. Double click to see interior
Enemy castle
This was won by an opposing player. You cannot enter without fighting.
Independent castle
Has not been won by a player. Defended by AI. You must fight to enter.