Weaknesses of  the Internet
And how RONIN avoids them

Bandwidth Constraints
Typical gamer’s 28.8k modem makes the Internet feel very slow

Latency problems
It is difficult to assure latencies below 250 msec

Revenue Models
So far there is no proven method to make money on the Web

Server Upkeep
Large-scale projects generally require large-scale server capacity

Constant change
Net users demand regular maintenance and upgrade of any site.

Strengths of the Internet
And how RONIN exploits them


Hypertext environment

Constant Change

RONIN Revenue Model
"Give away the razor, sell the blades"

The pure Samurai Sales model

Choice of Channels

An Escalating Commitment
With very low barriers at every step

Do not have to look for us

Site Visitors:
Do not have to Download

Newbie Players:
Do not have to pay money

Do not have to spend more than a few dollars; or use credit card

Serious Player
Do not have to make mini-purchases