Beta Tester Questionaire

Okay folks, I hope you aren't too miffed about having to fill out another questionaire. We've finally gotten everything worked out about putting questions up on our web page using a form, and how to actually use this information after we've got it. As usual, this information is only going to be used to form a broad picture of what sort of people are beta testing Ronin, and we won't sell this information to some sort of evil direct mail corporation.

Who are you?

First name
Last name


What is your email address?

What age category do you fit into?

0-10 years old
11-20 years old
21-30 years old
31-40 years old
41-50 years old
51-60 years old
older than 61

Your gender?

Male Female

Where are you located?

What operating system do you use?

If you answered the last question (other), what operating system do you use?

At what speed do you connect to the internet?

What type of service do you use to connect to the internet?

If you answered the last question (other), what type of service do you use?

Where do you usually connect to the internet from?

Public Venue: Internet Cafe; Library; Game Shop

Do you have a dedicated phone line/connection for computer use?

Yes No



What types of computer games do you play regularly?

Turn based strategy
Real time strategy

What other kinds of games do you play regularly?

Minature games
Board games
Colectible Card Games

Would you like to be on our Ronin discussion listserv?

Yes No

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Last revised: November 05, 2002