Responses to Ronin

"I want more real-time interactivity, not static screens. and I want to be playing in 10 seconds, not reading."

"Worked as well as any applet I have tried. This is using NS/2 2.02 under OS/2. Looks good so far."

"Very impressive AWT programming! I'll be interested to see what direction this game goes, and I'll keep checking in on your site. Great job so far, though. It's very impressive to see applications of this caliber coming online."

"If it were possible to make the graphics better than simple sprites with bad animation, you might have a hit on your hands. Sound would be nice, too. Still, it is a great concept, one I have been waiting to see implemented correctly."

"There is still a little roughness in the UI."

"Different strategies need to be added. As do different defenses, such as walls that must be attacked..."

"Hum. didn't play it for long, but the idea really appeals to me...I reckon you might be able to convert some of the Magic the Gathering crowd with this kind of thing."