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RONIN Frequently Asked Questions

Version 0.1 alpha

Last Update: July 17, 1997

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Table of Contents

Section 1. The Basics

Section 2. The Demo and Playtesting

Section 3. Playing the Game

Section 4. Miscellaneous

Section 1. The Basics


1.0. What is RONIN?

RONIN is an Internet based real time strategy game. It is filled with bloodthirsty combat and sly political maneuvering. RONIN is a multiplayer game, and is designed to handle as many as 50-100 players on a single server. Players will be able to buy cards that enable them to summon more elite warriors and enhance their troops/castles in various ways.

1.1. How do I play RONIN?

You can play RONIN by just going to the address http://www.bigfun.net/ronin/initialize.htm. If your browser is Java-capable, RONIN will automatically start to load itself. Of course, if it isn’t Java-capable you will see nothing, zero, zip. You’re welcome to look at the download page as much as you want, but without Java the game will be much less exciting (as in, completely nonfunctional).

1.2. How do I download RONIN?

You don’t need to download any files to play RONIN. Your browser will handle all the detail of initializing and then running RONIN.

1.3. How much will RONIN be to play when it is released?

RONIN itself will always be free to play, but we are going to be offering cards for sale that contain elite troops, heroes, weapons, and items. These cards will be sold much in the same manner as other collectible card games.


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Section 2. The Demo and Playtest


2.0. Whoa, what is with this game? Is this it?

Okay, I can admit it. At this very moment RONIN doesn’t have a whole lot to offer in the way of game play. You start at the troop selection screen, buy your troops, go to the map screen and attack a castle. Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as RONIN goes. RONIN is about 25% of the way through development, and you’ll have to excuse us if the game is a bit one-dimensional at the moment.

2.1. When are you going to have the Playtest?

Ha ha, I see that you too have been tricked. We’re are playtesting (in a manner of speaking), right now. Of course, it isn’t much of a test yet. We plan on letting the gaming public do a lot more than just play the game in a nearly finished pre-release version. Each time one of the Mighty Gods O’ Creation ™ get satisfied that an addition to the game will not completely crash on everyone’s system, they release that addition to the web. In fact, you are typically playing only a few builds behind the FAQ department itself.

2.2. What do I need to do to join the Playtest?

You know, I hate to go off on a tangent, but the FAQ department has really just started up, and considering this, the members of the new questions committee don’t really have a whole lot to work with. Well, you see, they made up all of these questions. If one was going to get entirely technical about it, this isn’t a FAQ yet, but more of a WTWBFAQ. This scribe, being only a lowly scribe, isn’t really sure why the FAQ department thinks that someone could wander through the entire RONIN site and not see the prominently displayed "Join the Playtest" buttons. However, on this somewhat unlikely occurrence, you can become a playtester by sending email to Eric@bigfun.net and writing something like "Playtest" in the subject and "I wanna be a playtester" in your message body.


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Section 3. Playing the Game


3.0. How do I start playing the demo?

Well, here’s the condensed version. When the game starts you’ll see a pit filled with troops, and then a window will pop up. This window will ask you whether or not you want to "play alone" or "connect to server". If you want to see if a server is running, go ahead and click on "connect to server". If a server isn’t currently working the connection process will time out in 30 seconds and you can just go ahead and play on your own.

3.1. How does the troop selection screen work?

Well, there are some troops standing in the troop pit. These troops are very unhappy, and if you look close enough you’ll see that each has a little frown on his face. They really don’t like being in the pit very much, because it’s pretty hot and the pit has hardly any shade. One click on a unit will bring up that units characteristics such as speed, attack strength and defense strength. Clicking on the unit again will purchase the unit and subtract the cost from your starting koku.

3.2. 20 koku? That isn’t very much, how can I get more?

What? Do we look like we’re made of money. If you want more koku, why don’t you just go out and get some. Of course, as of the last time I checked, you can’t. You’re just going to have to be happy with the 20 koku you start the game with at the moment.

3.3. What can I do on the main map screen?

3.4. How do I order my troops around the battlefield?


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Section 4. Miscellaneous


4.0. Why isn’t there anything in this section?


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All of the blame for this FAQ goes to Eric Diamond Eric@bigfun.net
Copyright Big Fun Development. All rights reserved.
Revised: November 05, 2002.