The Rules









Ronin is won by the player who controls all of Japan.
[only Netscape Navigator 4.0 is verified so far]


A player captures a castle by killing the Lord of the castle.

The victor captures

  • the castle
  • the soldiers within it,
  • the surrounding territory
  • and its income.


On a map of ancient Japan, players attempt to divide and engulf the territory of their opponents,






System Requirements


4.0 or better for multiplayer [only Netscape Navigator 4.0 is verified so far]
3.0 or better for singleplayer


Java capable.
28.8Kbps connection or better recommended


at least 800x600 resolution recommended
at least 16bit color preferred
sound capability recommended



Start Up


Ronin is loading right now. It might take 5 Minutes.


If you have a 4.0 browser, you will see the Multiplayer server box.
  1. Change your name from "guest" to something more personal.
  2. Press Connect to Server and a security dialogue appears.
  3. Press Grant a few times to authorize RONIN make the game liinkages.
  4. Press Remember this decision to skip step 3 next time
SinglePlayer If you decide to play single player Ronin or you don’t have a 4.0 browser:
  1. Just press the Play Alone button.






Troop Selection

To select this button you must have an army selected. In the upper right corner of the screen is a box that shows you the number of Koku you have available. By clicking on a soldier you can see the various attributes of that soldier. You can also see the cost for hiring this soldier. If you decide to hire this soldier, simply click on him again. To look at another soldier, click on him. Soldiers that are hired appear on the raised platform above the pit. If you have a Ronin card that you would like to activate, click on the text box under the Tori gate in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. After you type in the card’s access code and press enter the soldier will appear inside the Tori gate. To put this soldier into your army you must also double-click on him.






Use this map to deploy youThis screen is where you will manage your army and attack enemy castles. Your army is represented by a group of three yellow flags. When you click on your army, the status bar to the left will show you what soldiers make up your forces. You can move your army to a castle by first clicking on the army, and then right-clicking on the castle that you wish to attack

On this map you deploy your forces. Move your army and attack enemy castles.

Your our army arrives at the enemy castle, the battle screen will be brought up automatically. Castles are represented by a small castle-shaped icon, with flags to show you their status. Castles without flags are unaffiliated, a castle with a yellow flag is owned by you, a castle with a red flag is owned by an enemy player, and a castle with crossed yellow and red flags is currently being fought over. If you go to the main map screen during a battle, or you are attacked while on the main map screen, you can return to the battle by double-clicking on the contested castle. Clicking on a castle will give you some basic information about the castle and its surrounding province. If you flee a castle other than the one your army is currently stationed in front of, a caravan will appear. This caravan is represented by a small yellow flag. This caravan can be moved like the army except that it may only move to you army. Once the caravan arrives at the location of your main army, they will merge together.

Your main army
One of your small armies
Independent castle
Castle under attack
Your castle
Enemy castle










The defender’s goal is to either kill all of the attackers or force the attacker to retreat.

The battle screen is where the main action of Ronin takes place. It is here that castles are won and lost. The main section of the screen is an image of the castle you are attacking and your troops. On the left side of the screen is a tool bar. This tool bar shows you the names of your soldiers. By double-clicking on a soldier’s name, the view will be centered on that soldier. You can also press the "->" button to cycle through your various soldiers. The lower-left hand section of the screen gives you the information about the currently selected soldier. To select a soldier, simply click on the soldier’s image.



Ordering your troops.
  Your troops have five basic orders that they can follow:

Move : This order tells your warrior to move to a certain location. To use this order click on a soldier, click on the location you wish to have that soldier move to, then click on the Move order twice. This order will be selected automatically if you click on a character and then click twice on an empty map tile.

Attack : This order tells the character to attack an enemy. To use this order click on one of your soldiers, click on an enemy soldier, then click on the attack order twice. Clicking on one of your soldiers and then double clicking on the enemy soldier is a faster way to execute the order. This order is selected automatically if you click on one of your soldiers and then click twice on an enemy soldier.

Defend Position : A soldier will stop following its last order if you select it and select Defend Position.

Leave : This order tells your soldier to leave the field of battle. During a battle with enemy troops, the soldier will immediately start moving towards the edge of the battlefield, and then exit the battlefield. This soldier will reappear in your army, if your army is outside this castle, or in a caravan if your army is elsewhere. If there are currently no enemy troops in your castle, selecting leave will make your soldier instantly disappear and reappear in your army or a caravan.

Patrol : Ordering a soldier to patrol will make the soldier move back and forth between two points on the map. To use patrol, first select of soldier and move it to the location you want to patrol from. Then select the location which you want to patrol to. Finally, double clock on the order, Patrol.





  The economics screen gives you information about the current salary of your troops and your current level of income. You will also be notified of your troops morale.






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