Considering the FlexTech Art


Their castle snapshots are stunningly realisticand incredibly detailed.
Ours do NOT try to look like a photograph but rather to tell a story and set a mood.
This one is Sassagacha, a castle-town with too many unemployed young men.

This is a $50 sketch. The $200 painting would be gorgeous.

We all know that $200 will not buy even one decent model of a building, let alone a scene of this complexity: four people with interesting expressions and gestures, six animals, a cart a whole street full of buildings that are NOT postcard-perfect.

Here is another castle, again the cheap sketch.
Even with plenty of time and money, few CG artists could make this scene look beautiful.



Their swordsman picture is realistically modelled, beautifully posed and fabulously lit.
Our guy is more like a samurai from a comic-book.
He is also beautifully posed.
Nothing wrong with comic books either.

In this picture, the computer starts showing through pretty obviously.
In ours, the hand of the artist is also extremely obvious.
Hey, I like art.

Again we have a confllict between beautiful photorealism and handdrawn images.
The 3d stuff is quite pretty.
Our stuff not as realistic. It is made to be very clear about three things:
a: Which side is this guy on (yellow or red)?
b: what class of fighter is this (samurai, guard, etc)?
c: what is he doing?

Aslo very important, and not shown above,
is that our characters must look good on many different backgrounds
(by look good I mean be extremely easy to spot and identify)

Finally, and most importantly there is the issue of SIZE.
Even after reducing the color on their character (left) to the blotchy (middle) image
it still is 4x the bytes of our carefully handcrafted sprite (right).