This is the two-frame cycle.  
  This is the four-frame cycle
(frame 2 same as frame 4)

your new two frame cycle is very good but i think the four-frame (three pieces of art) is a bit better and worth it for the side views. What do you think? I am happy top go either way!


(Note that the 4-frame cycle can synchronize with two frame cycle of the North and South views. (3 frames could NOT synch with 2)

Let's be careful with those views (north and South) that the characters don't waddle!







Here's some thoughts:

original version   very nice-- but:
feet shuffle
(and sashimono bottom doesn't move)
feet cross more   legs cross.. shadow still not right (black heel on one foot) soldier leans into forward step
and a lighter sword   nowl soldier leans into forward step and rises on other step-- and playing with idea of sword not having border.what do you think?

and here's the archer
--fighting........and standing--

call me at the office if any questions

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11/05/02 11:01 AM