Swarmada 3D Sim  v0.5

  • Visualization of the non-visible
    • 3 axis ellipsoids that illustrate each plane's positional (Kalman flltered) uncertainty
    • Ellipsoids that show a selected plane's knowledge of the positional probability of all his neighbors.
    • Individual and group 'virtual leader' position and confidence values.
  • Interactive Stressors
    • Com outage (global denial, individual failure)
    • GPS outage (global denial, individual failure- no spoofing yet)
    • Turbulence
  • Localized Stressors
    • Com Jammng tower
    • GPS jammng tower

Phase II Layout:

An external view of the software suite that will be useful to real operators who want to design and execute actual mission. It includes everything from visual programming of behaviors to simulation testing to post mission debriefing. This sketch identifies  13 distinct task-oriented work phases.


Swarm Support in other programs: 
Other topics in the SBIR program can support our Phase II effort by underwriting extra manpower to solve certain problems. More importantly, they introduce new thinking and fresh perspectives.

  • Tools for Simulating Terrain Data
    Navy SBIR - Topic N03-114      Office of Naval Research (ONR)
  • Creative Robots to Defeat Deeply Buried Targets
    Air Force SBIR - Topic AF03-148    Munitions Directorate (AFRL/MN)
  • Small UAVs   for Detection of Agents of Mass Destruction
    Air Force SBIR - Topic AF03-239     Air Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/VA)
  • Rapid Design & Development of Behaviors for Autonomous Vehicles
    DARPA SBIR - Topic SB031-024
  • Cooperative Decision and Control Algorithms with Information Flow Constraints
    Air Force SBIR - Topic AF03-236    Air Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/VA)